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When a feral is spayed or neutered, its right ear is given a small notch or tip. It's a very minor medical procedure and a proud badge, demonstrating to neighbors, animal control officers, and animal shelters that this cat has a home and a caretaker. As you can see from the photos below, the cat's beauty and charm remain in full force!

The ear may be marked in one of three distinctive ways: Notch, Tip, or Top Notch.

NOTCH: A small, triangular notch may be made in the top third of the outer margin of the ear.

TIP: The tip of the ear may be removed in a straight line.

TOP NOTCH: The tip of the ear may be notched.

Thanks to Fix our Ferals for these photos!

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Clinic Dates

Clinic dates :

 June 1st- Ferals 

June 19th-Pets, Ferals 


Cats are transported to and from their spay/neuter appointments by our volunteers.




DIXON 630am

Clinic Stats

Solano Feral Cat Group has altered:

4,602 feral cats through our own feral cat clinic!

1,516 through our Outreach Program! 

We rely 100%  on public donations to keep our program running!

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