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Sydney turned 8 years old on May 5 and had her birthday party at a rock-climbing wall on May 8. She is in 2nd grade at a Solano County school.

Sydney decided to donate money to help the Solano Feral Cat Group because:
    "I love animals and especially cats because they're so nice and furry and they're playful sometimes when they're kittens. I like seeing your cute cats and kittens at PetCo they're so cute and I wish I could have one. I only have 3 pets: Izzy, a grown cat; Scout, a 8 year old dog; and Noodles, the 3 year old rat. She is a very nice rat, don't worry. I hope the cats you take care of get really good homes. I hope the money I raised will help the cats find great homes!"

The Animal Helper/Lover,
Your Friend,

Thank you for operating the feral cat program. Although I'm not your typical cat lover, I am happy to be a part of the feral program because it helps to put a end to over-populated cats and to inbreeding that occurs within these colonies, which is not healthy. It's also a chance for these cats to have human contact, if only for a short period of time. Hopefully, they can one day learn to be trusting of those who actually care about their welfare.

Col. William E. Zuerner
USAF, Ret.
Age 96